Gas boiler and central heating installation

We install domestic gas boilers as replacements, upgrades and, where there is no current gas boiler central heating system, a full installation service.

These include:

  • Standard "heat only" boilers.
  • System boilers (no expansion tank).
  • Combination boilers (direct supplied hot water). wall or floor mounted.
  • Installation of LPG units
  • Boiler colour matching

Our installations include all necessary control upgrades to comply with current legislation.

Boiler location and position will be dependent upon boiler size and the installation options available. This will be determined by a site survey arranged at your convenience.


Are your radiators not feeling hot enough?

Does your system require flushing?

What to check:

  1. If they are cold at the top and hot at the bottom it is usually air in the radiator which can be removed using a key at the radiator vent screw.
  2. If they are hot at the top and cold at the bottom... it is usually due to a build up of sludge in the middle third of the radiator. This can be removed by a process commonly referred to as a Powerflush.

What we use to flush your system

  1. Our machine connects to the heating system pipe work and pumps a mixture of chemicals and water through all the radiators and pipes to remove any debris that is causing the reduction of performance.
  2. The debris, or sludge, contains ferrous oxides which is captured by a powerful magnet and removed from the system.
  3. The system is then flushed through with clean water and the system cleanliness measured. The system is treated with a chemical inhibitor to reduce the progress of the build up of these oxides and other elements that continually occur within the heating system.
  4. We can also upgrade the system with the installation of a magnetic filter that will continue to remove the ferrous oxides, improve heating efficiency and prolong boiler life.

Repairs and Servicing

  • Annual Servicing
  • Gas safety checks
  • Landlord Gas Safety inspections
  • Warm Air Units

We provide our customers with the security of annual servicing and gas safety checks, together with a prompt repair service backed up by manufacturer approved local parts stockists.

Other services

Boiler controls

We install various levels of control dependent upon your specific requirements including programmable systems to maximise boiler efficiency and manage personal comfort levels.

Replacement, relocation and additional radiators

Including radiator control valves; replacement of worn, leaking and broken valves and upgrades to thermostatic valves where required.

We use modern lightweight convector style radiators as a standard. We also install classic styles including colour match options to meet your specific personal requirements.

Installation and servicing unvented cylinders (Megaflo)

Replacement hot water cylinders

Including Replacement central heating pumps. Heating control valves, two and three port, Replacement immersion elements and the installation of additional cylinder connections to supply shower pumps. Loft water storage tanks replacement and upgrades. Including ball and isolation valve replacement.

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